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  • SPC floor

    1. Green and environmental protection. SPC floor is a new type of floor material invented in response to national emission reduction. PVC resin, the main raw material of SPC floor, is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It is 100% free of formal...
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  • Oriunilex Peel And Stick Kitchen Wall Tiles

    Oriunilex PEEL AND STICK KITCHEN WALL TILES - Made of safe&natural materials,heavy-metal free, formaldehyde free.It's light and solid, easy to install and clean off, resists heat and moisture. This lightweight, easy-to-peel and paste stone Mosaic tile provides an ele...
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  • UV print Glass mosaic background wall—the darling of fashion home!

    For homeowners who want to create a high-end minimalist style home, they may choose glass mosaics. This kind of glass mosaic with a certain amount of binder, because it contains certain air bubbles and metal particles, can create a brighter effect visually. It will not l...
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